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8/13/2014 9:32 am  #1

The Goodish Ship Moral Dilemma

Have you ever had to play these kinds of team games at corporate retreats? College meetings?

What about as get-to-know-you games? When I first enrolled in college, I knew that I was going to be a business major. At the first pre-semester gathering of the freshmen business majors/minors, they had us meet each other while divided into teams playing "Who Gets to Stay in the Boat." How horrible is that? "Oh, nice to meet of us will have to die!"

I always sacrifice myself just to get out of participating.


11/21/2014 11:06 am  #2

Re: The Goodish Ship Moral Dilemma

I have never had to play a game like that, for which I am extremely grateful. I think I, too, would sacrifice myself just to get it over with!


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